Why summer is the best dating season?

18 November 2021

Besides our love to take a vacation in the summertime, we in our Kharkov marriage agency love summer because it simply provides more in-person dating opportunities. In this quick blog post, our experts of Ukraine matchmaking service have composed for you killing reasons why summer is best for dating.

  • Longer days = longer dates. Everyone hates returning home from well-going dates early. Whilst in winter, darkness falls on the cities in 4-5 PM, summer sets you freer: at some locations, it stays out of obscure till 10 or 11 PM.
  • Walk on foot to many locations and not feel cold. In crazy cold winter, some minutes would be enough to freeze half-dead. In summer, simply throw a light jacket on your shoulders to feel just fine.
  • The beach! Oh, yeah! Swim in warm water for an entire day! (Use sunscreen, though). Sit by a bonfire on a beach in the evening. Try naked night swimming in the ocean. Whatever beach joy is possible, summertime is simply created for it!
  • Go to the places where you wouldn’t go in winter. Like hiking, kayaking, visiting a distant sightseeing spot by car. Taking paragliding. Hand-harvesting mushrooms in a particularly romantic forest. Taking an ocean trip. Flying on a zip line. Visiting a winery. There are thousands of opportunities out there that are only open in the summer!
  • Simpler in preparations. Even going from under one roof to another in winter would require preparing your skin, face, and hair with lotions, creams, and masks to keep them invigorated. In summer, the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies alone keeps you vitalized every minute. And you won’t bother getting a lift, wearing bulky winter clothes, and competing with other people squeezed into the same conditions of scarcity of available go-to places, as you are.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for dating in any season of the year, our Ukrainian matchmaking agency is glad to give you handy pieces of advice. Also, you could read other blog posts of our Kharkov dating agency to find out more.